Dylan Chandler McLemore

February 24, 2000 - April 1, 2022

Dylan Chandler McLemore, 22, of Lumberton, died Friday, April 1, 2022. He was born February 24, 2000, to Christi LaShelle Bounds-Mattheis and Bobby Earl McLemore.

Dylan enjoyed fishing, reading, playing guitar, riding skateboards, and BMX bikes. He loved to make folks laugh and will be remembered as a loving son, grandson, brother, and friend to many.

He is survived by his mother, Christi LaShelle Bounds-Mattheis of Silsbee; father, Bobby McLemore and his wife, Kristen, of Mt. Belvieu; sisters, Madeline, Emery, Aubree, and Adelynn; brother, Greyson; grandparents, Denise Meyer and her husband, Johnny, of Kirbyville; Joyce Bounds of Silsbee; Jeff and Barbara Dudley of Anahuac; and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, and several other loving family and friends.

Dylan is preceded in death by his grandfathers, John Bounds and Jake Manuel, Sr.; great-grandmothers, Flora Manuel and Dorothy Chandler Bramlet.

A gathering of Dylan’s family and friends will begin at 1:00 p.m., with his funeral service at 3:00 p.m., Sunday, April 10, 2022, at Broussard’s, 1605 North Major Drive, Beaumont. His cremation arrangements will be handled through Broussard’s crematorium.

Memorial contributions can be made to the Spindletop Center, 655 South 8th Street, Beaumont, Texas (Spindletopcenters.org).


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Gathering of Family and Friends

Broussard’s Mortuary Major Dr.
  • 1605, North Major Drive, Beaumont, Texas, 77713,
  • April 10, 2022
  • 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Funeral Service

Broussard’s Mortuary Major Dr.
  • 1605, North Major Drive, Beaumont, Texas, 77713,
  • April 10, 2022
  • 3:00 pm

Broussard’s Crematorium
  • 5150, Stivers Dr, Beaumont, TX, 77705,

Comments (45)

    Ma says:

    Hey baby boy, today is Thanksgiving, I can see you since your were 6 years old making the greenbean casserole in our family heirloom dish.
    I didn’t cook this time. It’s to hard, I’m just basically by myself till I mi e back down for my new job. I still don’t get to see your siblings, and I am trying my best to stay strong and look towards the future, but how do you do that when your heartbeat is taken ( yall/ my babies) ? People say I am strong and I don’t feel like I am. Maybe it’s because I’m pressing on. Just like it says in the Bible in Phillipians . To press on. I live you and my chest hurts from missing you, sometimes I don’t believe it. 💔
    Mommy is always here…my angelcakes , my turkey, my Bobo. Till I see you again.

    Darling/Elisa says:

    Hey Mac, it’s been 7 months now. I still miss you like crazy, and I miss hearing your voice. All the conversations we had still echo in my mind, but honestly I never want to forget them. I wish I could hug you right now and never let go. I never got to say this, but I’m happy I met you when I did. You changed my life in so many ways, so thank you. I really hope you’re happy and at peace, you always deserved to be happy

    Ma says:

    Hey baby boy…mama loves you. Mama’s right here …I’m always here. But I will never forgive myself for not being there the night /am this happened to you. I brought you in this world how could the circumstances make it to were I could not save you?
    I love you ..your blood siblings love you.
    Goodnight baby…my angel cakes

    Mama says:

    Hey bebe boy, wearing your shirts and shorts… I love you. Help me make it through this , I have little to no support, during this. I’m alone.
    After tonight most definitely will be.
    Um I know I have you in spirit.
    Love mama/ma

    Misty Chadwick says:

    Christi I pray for you to find peace, and strength. I know Dylan wants you to have this. Dylan was, and is a wonderful soul, that is now with the Lord watching over His Momma. †

    Mama says:

    Hey baby boy, mama thinks of you constantly.
    I love you and miss you terribly.

    emery morris says:

    thinking about you everyday dyl.. i miss our weekly calls, i miss hearing you tell me that no matter what i will always be your little baby sis..i miss every single thing about you.. i still remember the night you called me and you told me you had promised to come see me graduate next year & i really hope that you will still be watching me from above. i love and miss you so much. whenever i had a problem going on i would always go to you.. and the other day i just sat in my room and cried because it just hurts so much that you’re not here for me to go to anymore.. it was good while it lasted my brother.. until we meet again angel❤️

    Christi - mama says:

    Hey baby angel cakes
    Mama just wants to talk to you tell you I miss you ..
    I just want to hold you again .. I called your phone , I know that was ridiculous of me.
    You were not only my first born , my best friend. I will see you again. Your sisters and brother is going to counseling and I guess I need to as well. I love you baby boy my angel cakes mamas baby . I could only imagine how more beautiful you are in heaven. God had got you and so does paw paw and your loving granny whom you were named after. Come see me in my dream again and keep the lights flickering .. you comedian you haha.
    Bye baby

    Christi /mama says:

    Hey baby boy, I love you. I don’t want to live without you.

    Christi bounds says:

    Hey my baby angelcakes, mama wants to say hi and I miss you , I am trying everything to get and move forward without you I am nothing. Mama loves you baby mama is here

    Jack kozie says:

    Don’t have words to explain the grief I am feeling for you brother. You were always the happiest kid around, ready to give the world to others and ignore your own happiness. We didn’t know each other for years, but the time we had was very impactful. The stories we shared and the pain we helped each other work through.

    Days I had to be at work late you’d stop over and let the dog out. Always invited me to whatever was going on. I will never forget the time we watched the sunrise and cried at how surreal it was… Truly wishing you find happiness in your next stage, you really deserve it. Your energy will always be with us brother.

    Love to you, Mac.

    Your dear friend,

    Jack kozie

    christi bounds (mama) says:

    hey baby! guess what you flew as you already know with the pilot all the way from texas to montana! I feel like I am in a nightmare and this is not real. I have to keep thinking that because it is the only way I can move forward and carry on. My new job has been amazing and very kind in this time. I decided I am going to use your backpack to hold my laptop ect. I have not looked in it yet except to put you in their on the plane. EVERYWHERE I GO I mention your name, so you are known in other states with amazing people! GOD has been working through people that I meet. There were so many people to love you that day…there was only standing room left. I will continue to follow my heart and find answers…you know mama bear. My heart, my best friend, my baby boy/angel cakes. I miss you smelling my face, I miss your everything. I am finally eating again and work makes me busy, but they all know about you. I tried to call your cell phone. however there has been alot of funny things happen that makes me put a smile on my face but not like the smile you put on my face. You will be remembered in so many ways, I am working on some things at a slow pace because I am in shock. Mama misses her baby …this is the worst thing anyone could ever go through in life, but I know you are proud of my new job, we talked about it right before. So I am trying to press on. Your with paw paw and gosh you were so beautiful down here I could only imagine how beautiful of an angel you are. Mama love, love mama

    Karen Keown says:

    Dylan, I was so sorry to hear the heartbreaking news of your passing! I remember you and Luke playing together as young boys. You were such a bright, sweet, engaging kid. You called me Nana from the time I met you. The world has lost some of its sparkle with you no longer here. May you now know peace and everlasting happiness.

    Christi bounds says:

    Hey mama’s baby my angelcake my everything. Words cannot express how I feel. I can’t wrap my mind around this. I can’t believe I’m having to write this.
    Mama loves you baby mama loves you

    Barbara Dudley says:

    Dylan I remember the first time you called me Grandma, it thrilled me. I wasn’t expecting such immediate love and acceptance but soon found out you have a huge heart. We share a love of good books and I really enjoyed our discussions of favorite authors and books .
    Your smile lit up a room and I have no doubt you are lighting up heaven with your smile and humor. I love you, we will miss you so much until we see you again ❤️

    Denise Meyer says:

    My precious beautiful 1st grandchild I love you so very much. My heart breaks 💔 because I will never see that beautiful smile of yours. You were and always will be my #1. No one can ever fill that spot in my heart. You were always cracking jokes and making everyone around you smile and or laugh. You loved unconditionally ❤️ I am so honored to be your Grandma and will always treasure the good times I had with you. Even riding a camel together 🥰. Although I know you are at peace with the rest of the family gone before you. I love you to heaven and back always and forever…💙 LOVE ALWAYS YOUR GRANDMA ❤️ TILL WE MEET AGAIN ❤️

    Cindy Ware says:

    Joyce, I am in absolute shock right now. Dylan would play with my son when you were working next door to us. He was an absolute ray of sunshine. I saw him a while back and he had not changed, still funny and radiating joy. What an absolute treasure he is. So very thankful he was a part of our lives. There are some things we will never truly understand this side of Heaven. Much love and many prayers for the weeks and months ahead. Cindy

    Troy R Owens says:

    My condolences. Dylan was a good friend growing up and I am sorry we weren’t in contact these past few years. It hurts to see him gone, especially at our age and I hope he is at peace.

    Autumn Nicole says:

    I know deep in my soul you have made it to somewhere safe. You are someplace somewhere where the sunshine feels more like a kiss than the curse of another day. You taught and showed me so many things about life but most importantly how to love myself and how to stand up for myself. No matter where life took us you always made sure I was okay. My heart will always ache for you. You will always be the best friend I ever had, and I will miss you everyday. I love you so much and I promise to never forget you or let you go. Until we meet again, fly high sweet boy.

    christi bounds (mama) says:

    he loved you deeply

    Autumn Nicole says:

    And he loved you so so so much too and still does. I hope this message finds you well, I hope you’re doing better, I know good things will come your way. You are so much stronger than you realize, you’re amazing. I want you to have my number even if you never decide to use it, just in case. (409)454-7248 If you ever need anything at all, even just to talk, give me a call or text. We may have only met a few times but I love you and I’m here for you.

    sam martin says:

    dyl, your soul was so beautiful. i know i speak for many as i say that you touched my heart and you were always there for me. you are missed by so many people. you protected me like a big brother in high school and i’ll never forget that. we love you 🖤

    Lizzy says:

    Dyl I’ll miss you. You were my brother, always knew how to cheer me up when I was feeling down, always had some crazy joke you wanted to tell me. We argued like family and we cried together like family. You’ve made an everlasting impact on my life and I’ll never forget the amazing memories we shared.
    From us taking turns scratching each others backs ( because we loved back scratches and nobody else did it right) to floating the river in Austin, to you hand delivering me Nonnies spaghetti because you knew it was my favorite, to all the late nights in middle school and high school, to my childrens birthday parties. You were always a shining light in a world of darkness and you will forever be missed.
    I hope you’ve found your paradise ❤️
    Until we meet again brother. -Liz

    christi bounds (mama) says:

    thank you liz..love mama

    Erik Holmquist says:

    I know I can speak for the entire LTO project in Pasadena, TX
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family, may the good lord be with you all through this difficult time.

    Sabrina Ehrenreich says:

    On behalf of the LTO supply chain team, our deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. We are so very sorry to hear of Dylan’s passing. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Craig Reed says:

    You always treated me like family Dylan. You had such an open, understanding heart. It was so sweet to see how you took care and played with your little sisters and brother. God rest your soul and may perpetual light shine on you bro… Love you

    christi bounds (mama) says:

    thank you craig you were a BIG part of dyls life and made it great! we love you..

    Emery says:

    my big brother. we had a bond like no other. i love you so so much. i am so heartbroken. i will miss you more than ever. -your baby sis

    Chanel Prince says:

    You will always be in my heart, part of my soul has gone with you. We are going to miss you very much. Rest In Peace.

    Allen & Bridget Piazza says:

    Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories. May God give you peace, comfort and strength to make it through each day. Sending our deepest condolences and prayers.

    Elana Terrazas says:

    My dyl, it was such a pleasure to get to know you and to love you . It felt like a real life time. You were sweet and so beyond funny. We use to say this for Keller and now I say it for you. Matter is everything, it cannot be created nor destroyed. You are matter so you are now everywhere and will always be with us 💜 . I love you with my entire heart, and I will always be proud of you. I hope you got the peace you were looking for. Till we meet again mi amor 💜

    Bobby McLemore says:


    My baby boy, my little man, my heart…

    Son I sit and pray to God, and wish to whatever genie in a bottle that this wasn’t real, or wish there was something I could have done… I know this is the choice you made, this was what you felt was best… Now all I pray for is that your choices make an impact in the life of anyone who knew you and would ever consider this as their only option. I love you Dylan, I hope all the pain is gone, and I pray that all you feel now is peace.

    Rockie M Perkins says:

    Bobby my thoughts and prayers are with y’all. I know Emery and him kept in contact and we are so sorry for the loss. She wanted to go to the memorial but we will be out of town.

    Joyce Bounds says:

    I love you Dylan .. you were my sunshine, a great person and a free spirit . Besides me being your NONNIE , we got to know each other on a deeper level that grandmother/grandchild. We were connected in a special way that I understood you as a person not just my grandchild , we were friends and I will miss you my grandson with all my heart and miss the convos and silliness we use to do .. I will miss our talks that I found so educational because you were so smart ! and so deep . Even thought we did not agree on all things we could always come to a median and respect each other’s view . I know your whole history and you were a remarkable loving caring person that I will always appreciate .. Now you are released of all matters that bothered you and you can fly high . miss you and love you forever , until we see eaxh other again, your Nonnie

    Craig Reed says:

    Rest in peace Dyl. You will live in my heart always buddy. Thanks for being my friend. Love you.

    Molly says:

    It was a delight to know this sweet soul. There was not a time in his company I was ever without a smile and a laugh. Dylan, you will forever be missed and never forgotten.

    Geno McNeill says:

    May GOD bless this young mans soul. There’s nothing I can say or do to soothe your pain .My heart goes out to you and your family. If there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to call on me. Love you all

    April Dudley says:

    You are a good hearted young man and I am going to miss your jokes and energy. It was a pleasure being part of you adventure of life. Forever in our hearts you are loved and missed.

    Christopher tribble says:

    Only the good die young. Rest in peace. Such a good kid.

    Angie Mitchell says:

    We all will miss you. I love you. You was a joy to us all.

    Joyce Bounds says:

    You were amazing! You were comical, intelligent and free spirited person , I have enjoyed being your Nonnie and will be forever grateful for having that opportunity..

    April Robertson says:

    My dyl pickle, I was so proud to be your nanny. I will never forget your smile and laugh and a kindness like no other. I love you and I will have a piece of my heart missing forever!

    Joey M. says:

    More like a little brother then a nephew . I love you dyl.

    Kristen McLemore says:

    Beautiful soul. The void will never dissolve or be filled. I was proud to be a part of your life and shared so many unforgettable moments with you.

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