Mollye Ann Ellis Holzheuser “Miss Mollye”

July 1, 1953 - June 29, 2020

Mollye Ann Ellis Holzheuser “Miss Mollye”, 66, of Sour Lake, died Monday, June 29, 2020. She was born on July 1, 1953, to Royalene Cox Ellis and Wiley Wiliford Ellis, in Beaumont. Mollye worked as a secretary at Sour Lake Elementary.

Survivors include her husband of twenty years, Randy Holzheuser; son, Aaron Madeley and his wife, Catharine Drake; and brother, Neil Ellis; nephews, Christian Ellis, Andrew Ellis, Clayton Ellis; and niece, Grace Mitchell.

She is preceded in death by her parents and niece, Kathleen Ellis.

We have lost a mother, sister & best friend all wrapped up in one amazing woman:

“You were the one with all the info when we moved to Sour Lake. You were always good to my girls and to me. You were so much fun to be around and always so sweet. I would’ve loved to have one more conversation with you.”

“I loved seeing Mollye at Sour Lake Elementary. She was always at the front entrance greeting the kids and parents with the biggest smile. I know she will be so missed. She was very special.”

“School districts are adopting programs that teach the very things that came natural to Mollye. She and your grandma had a huge impact on all of us in school and for many years after. I love that I was able to enjoy her as a child and as an adult.”

“I remember how much fun she was to be around & the pranks we did in Spanish Class. She turned me on to Simon & Garfunkel & Abbie Road. She was always so positive. I shall always feel a little better remembering that she was nice in High School when it was easy to be mean.”

“Mollye took my Daddy’s cat when nobody else offered.”

“I will forever miss the laughs and stories sitting around your kitchen table Mollbelle! I truly appreciate all the advice, guidance and love you gave not only me, but so many others!”

“Miss Mollye was such a strong figure in our little hometown.”

“She is asking my Dad in heaven where is your garden so I can pick a few things? She always cooked goodies and took some to my elderly parents who lived near her.”

“The thing about Mollye is that she was able to make everyone feel as if they were her special person. She treated each of her friends as if they were among her closest.”

“I know I am one of the lucky ones that called you friend. So many memories and so many laughs. Some of the best times spent on your back porch. Honestly never a dull moment. I will never forget those days. You were loved by so many.”

“There are a handful of people outside of my family that I know will always be there no matter what. People that make you feel safe by just standing next to them, sharing a quick glance across a room, or hearing their voice. Mollye (and her Mamma) has always been one of these special people for me since I was very little. Yes, she loved to have fun but she was so much more. If you were blessed to be loved by her, you knew it. Aaron, you were absolutely the light of her life. While I cry that she’s gone from our world, it is sweet to know she is now with those she’s been anxiously waiting to see again. I’ll miss you forever.”

“When I first met Mollye it was like we had been friends forever. She was so welcoming and friendly. I didn’t know I needed a friend when I met her and then I couldn’t imagine how I ever got along without her, her laughter and love. I have a feeling that was how she was with everyone.”

“My favorite Mollye Memory: As a pre-teen & teen, I was always chunkier than my classmates. Mollye & my mom battled with their weight and went on all the diets together. They were having success with one of the diets and had lost weight fast…I wanted in on the skinny secret. Mollye did her best to discourage me. Shaking her head and pointing at her then flat chest. “You don’t need to or want to. Look at this. My boobs look like socks with oranges in the bottom.” I googled it today. Nowhere. It’s a Mollye original. This Mollyesm has stuck with me for 40 years.”

“She truly was the sunshine on any rainy day. I remember her walking up to me at mom’s visitation and we both were crying so hard. All she said was ONE name and we BOTH started laughing so hard that AGAIN I almost “needed depends!” I loved that lady so much and she will NEVER know how much she meant to my entire family!!!”

“You have always been there for me, from planning/hosting parties to cooking delicious food to decorating my overly large new house, if I needed ANYTHING you were ALWAYS there! Mom truly had the best of friends in you, her Mollye Pie.”

“Her cooking/baking was such a treat! She brought cookies the other day when we met up & what we didn’t eat I HAD to bring home!! Remember how arguing with her was a waste of time?!? Well I managed to get home with about 3 dozen!! We ALL have great awesome stories of that wonderful girl!! Can’t believe my phone will never ring again & I hear her say “Hey Bitch!! Whatcha doing?!?”

“Mollye was the absolute best. There’s no one that can compete with her infectious laughter, personality and hands down the best cook I (or all of us) knew. She was always my favorite of my dad’s friends, even if she did tell dad when report cards came out after I had lied about it.”

“Well, what’s not to love? She fed half the town.”

“Mollye was my rock. She was always there for me. She was so full of life and always so positive and upbeat. She put a smile on my face every day.” ~~Randy

“There is less of me now today without her in my life. It’s a void that will never be filled but one that, over time, I will learn to cope with. She was my parent, my mentor, my life coach, but most of all she was my best friend. There are so many things that can be said about her beautiful soul.” ~~Aaron

A celebration of life for Mrs. Holzheuser will be from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., Friday, July 3, 2020, at the home of Judy Stansbury, 17187 Highway 105, Sour Lake. Her cremation will be handled through Broussard’s Crematorium under the direction of Broussard’s, 1605 North Major Drive, Beaumont.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contribution may be made to the, Make-A-Wish America, Gift Processing, 1702 East Highland Avenue, Suite 400, Phoenix, Arizona 85016.

Please observe social distancing guidelines. By attending any public event you are acknowledging the risk of exposure to the Corona Virus. Please follow the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control:


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Broussard's Crematorium

Broussard's Crematorium
  • 5150 stivers street beaumont tx 77705

Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life
  • 17187 Highway 105, Sour Lake, Texas 77659
  • 07/03/2020
  • 5:21 pm

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We will celebrate Mollye at Judy’s house. Brisket and gumbo will be served.

Kim Dearbonne Waller

RIP sweet Mollye!! Keep everyone laughing in Heaven!!

Janice Cobble

Mollye blessed many, and was blessed by many. Thank God we had her for a while. May God comfort all of her family during this time of grief. You will be missed Miss Mollye.

Jimmy Harris

Molleye was one the nicest people ever. She was my neighbor when we were very young She always had a smile and made people laugh. Wonderful lady always

Judi Benoit

Sour Lake has lost a treasure. Judi and Ronnie Benoit

Milton and Leah Fontenot

Such a dear friend that we were blessed to have in our lives. So many great times together, gone but never forgotten ❤️

Debbie Neel Wammel

Molly and I have been friends since we were little kids as our parents were friends. We would come in and out of each other’s lives but always took up right where we left off. We spent many hours riding the streets of Sour Lake laughing like I haven’t done since. Our adventures were too many to list. Mollye,, please say hello to Royalene, Wiley, Emma Gene, Wallace and Colleen. They are waiting on you. I will visit the Gaze-bo often to think of you. My condolences to Randy, Aaron, and Catherine. I know you will miss her and your life won’t be the same without her. I will miss you too.

Debbie Neel Wammel

Molly and I have been friends since we were little kids as our parents were friends. We would come in and out of each other’s lives but always took up right where we left off. We spent many hours riding the streets of Sour Lake laughing like I haven’t done since. Our adventures were too many to list. Mollye,, please say hello to Royalene, Wiley, Emma Gene, Wallace and Colleen. They are waiting on you. I will visit the Gaze-bo often to think of you. My condolences to Randy, Aaron, and Catherine. I know you will miss her and your life won’t be the same without her. I will miss you too.

Barbara Fesco

Mollye, you will be missed by many. Your smile lite up a were so kind to help any child that came crying to you. I will miss your jokes and wise cracks. I know when you got to the gates and your presence was announced, Colleen,Melanie, Ms. White and your family were so excited. I can only imagine what a hell of party there must have taken place. You rest at peace girlfriend, for your work on this earth is done. YOU GIRLS TRY NOT TO CAUSE TOO MUCH TROUBLE. LOVE YOU ♥️

Jim and Cheryl Raposa

Randy and Aaron and family, Jim and I are just heartbroken to hear of Molly's sudden death. She was a friend to everyone she met and, every one she met loved her. There must surely be a celebration happening in heaven right now because where ever Mollye goes, she makes sure everyone has a full plate and a belly full of laughter. We will miss her but we know we'll see her agian. Please be at peace and know that our thoughts and prayers are lifting you up at this difficult time.

Sarina Linscomb

You were a bright light and will be missed. We love you, Miss Mollye.

Rosary and John Hidalgo

What a loss. Randy and Aaron, we want to extend our deepest sympathy to you both. It is very hard for us, but We know it is much harder for you. We will miss her greatly. Fly high sweet Mollye. Rosary and John Hidalgo

Jack Ryan

Extending deep and heartfelt sympathy to you and your family

Cedric Cauley

Molly was one of the nicest person That anyone knows, she was always kind and always willing to help with Christmas functions at Mustang Cat she would make the most delicious Peacan Pies, everyone one at the store wanted a piece of the pies she will really be missed and my condolences is to the family

Patsy Kelley

Mollye was such a treasure. Even when we were young and in school she always made me feel welcome in whatever she was doing. She was also and inspiration to sooo many kids at SLE. I am sure she will not be forgotten

Jonnie Calloway Harper

Mollye was and always will be special to me. She and I shared many wonderful experiences and I will always remember our good times together. Condolences to her family and many friends.

Jackie Griffin

A beautiful Soul! A friend to young and old! Always had a smile to share even in the darkest moments! Fly High Miss Mollye!

Nancy Austin Perry

Mollye you will be greatly missed. Glad that I got some of your recipes.. You were a wonderful cook,and friend. Tell mom and dad hi for me please.

Kathy Rasberry Ellerbee

So sorry for your loss.

Lindsay Creager

Mollye was one of my moms closest friends, and one of the kindest people I have ever met. When my mom (Patrice Miller) was violently taken from us 4 years ago Mollye was such a soothing voice in my life. Mollye decided that since my mom was gone, she would honor her by being a grandmother figure in my children's lives. The last 4 years, every holiday, birthday and season we would receive a care package with many gifts for my entire family. Mollye made my life as well as my moms better for just knowing her. I'm so sorry for both of you, Randy and Aaron, we all know what a special woman we lost. Mollye I will miss you every single day, I hope you and mom are together and in peace.

Rae Wedgeworth

Sour Lake lost a gem with the loss of Mollye she never met a stranger. If you knew her you loved her and yes she could get anyone to laugh. Right after my Dad passed she came over and had me laughing saying she will miss seeing Robert’s butt in the air! Dad was always picking his garden. We all needed to laugh. Prayers sent for everyone

Renee Riggs Greak

Mollye's family lived across the street from my Paw, Homer Riggs, so we literally knew each other our whole lives.. 'I'm grateful for all my memories with Mollye, as kids, from High School, band with Mr. Burns, playing cards with friends, at the Elementary School, trips to Home Goods, beach trips, & my favorite, morning coffee on her back porch. We solved all the world's problems as well as our own, * I couldn't wait to hear the name of her newest stray animal. Mollye was a perfect example of "loving your neighbor as yourself."--everyone was considered her neighbor and she took care of any need that she knew about. I know Mollye received her Heavenly promotion, and as my grandaughter, Khloe said, "Dont be sad Honey, God needed Miss Mollye to come home". Id like to share a poem by Brother Glenn Dromgoole's book, "A Little Cup of Kindness" That reminded me of Mollye. "Longevity'' -- "You could live to be a hundred and one, and reminisce quietly on all your years. Or occupy them with generosity and fun and experiences and laughter and tears. Life isn't the number of years we live, but what we get out of them and what we give. "

Courtney Hidalgo Smith

Miss Mollye gave the best hugs and was one of the people at SLE who made school feel like home. Everyone who’s ever worked at a school knows that the copy room is typically off-limits to kids, but sometimes teachers really need a kiddo to go grab something they forgot. When I was old enough to do this, I was always so excited because going to the copy room/teacher’s lounge usually meant getting to see Miss Mollye where you would get one of those awesome hugs! Randy, Aaron, and all of Miss Mollye’s friends and family, , my prayers for peace and comfort are with your all.

Nikki Cormier

My condolences to all who loved Miss Molley! She will be missed greatly and was loved by many.

Shirley Benson

Rest In Peace!

Lisa & Mike Doguet

Our hearts are broken & heavy with sadness for Randy, Aaron, & OUR loss, but Judi Johnston Benoit said it best, we did indeed loose a treasure!

Kim Huckabee

Miss Mollye, you will definitely be missed by so many!! You were always such a delight to be around, you were always so happy to welcome the kids in at SLE!! When I had my accident you made sure that I was ok, and made sure my parents were doing ok learning how to take care of the new me!! My prayers are with Aaron and Randy during this time!! I do know it was a hell of a party with the family and friends that had already made it home!! Again you are definitely going to be missed by so many people!! My mom was shocked to hear that you passed!! Love you!!