Pamela Lyons Lewis

November 11, 1951 - August 15, 2021

Pamela Lyons Lewis died peacefully in the morning of August 15, 2021, after a brief battle with cancer.  Pam was born November 11, 1951, to Max and Polly Lyons in Beaumont, Texas and lived an amazing life.

Pam’s mother used to brag to females in the family, “you come from a long line of tough old broads”.  None were tougher or more resilient than Pam.

Pam contracted polio as a three-year-old and lost the use of her legs, but she was anything but disabled.  Due in large part to the love and support of her family and her own grit and courage, Pam’s life did not slow down.  As a small child, Pam was determined to do the things other kids did including roller skating, learning how to use a hula hoop and horseback riding.

Adamant their daughter would not feel different and receive a good education, Pam’s mother (her lifetime advocate) went to their local school principal and the BISD to insure Pam a normal education.  Pam became one of the first handicapped children in public schools.  It was unheard of at the time, but Pam flourished.

Never suffering from self-pity, she mastered it all.  Before her 16th birthday, Pam’s parents had a 1964 Ford Fairlane retrofitted so she could drive, she got her license and never looked back.  She could often be seen flying up and down 11th Street.

Later in life Pam met the love of her life, Ben Lewis.  They were married for 34 years before Ben’s death.  They loved to travel, raise animals and sports.  Baseball was her favorite.  Pam was an avid fan of Lamar Baseball and for years, they rarely missed home games.  She and Ben also traveled every year to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.  She was a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees.

A child of the 60s, she loved rock music- the louder, the better (like all good hippies).  She also had a love of vintage cars, her most recent project being the restoration of ‘64 Fairlane much like the one she drove as a teenager.

Pam had no tolerance for the pretentious.  She was authentic.  What you saw was what you got.  Her genuineness had an amazing effect on others as she was so easy to be with.  She was not only loved by her family but by a multitude of friend including Linda Hester and Mike Parker who have rallied around her for the last few weeks.

Pam was preceded in death by her loving husband, Ben and her parents, Max and Polly Lyons.  She is survived by her sisters, Becky Hinshaw (husband Rex) of Houston and Sandy Hanson (husband Jerry) of Fort Davis. She leaves her three beloved nephews, Dennis Lyons, Wayne Smith and Benjamin Kyle Lewis as well as her “in-law” family in Louisiana.  She was loved by too many cousins to count.

Pam also leaves behind her beautiful Llewelyn Spaniel, Ketcher; her constant companion.

Pam lived a more challenging life than most.  Her courage made that life extraordinary, and she will be sorely missed.

Her cremation arrangements will be handled through Broussard’s Crematorium under the direction of Broussard’s, 1605 North Major Drive, Beaumont.

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    Nona Lydic Olivia says:

    Pam was my best friend from ages 5 until we moved away when I was ten. We had so many adventures in her neighborhood near Sally Curtis elementary! Her determination and sense of fun have stayed with me all these years. I have looked for her for decades, and finally found her name, but unfortunately only after she has passed.

    Her Cousin, Edie Sirmon says:

    Pam Lyons Lewis was certainly a tough broad and her “in-law” Louisiana family was amazed at her courage and spirit. Pam and Ben lived in Luling, Louisiana for a short time and it was during those days that our Sirmon family grew to know her better. One day I drove over to her house to visit with her & found her pushing a basket full of wet clothes down the steps of her house and proceeding to hang the clothes on a line stretched between two posts about 10 yards long in her backyard. I called to her and offered to help. She answered my offer with these words, “If you are here to help me hang clothes, stay in your car, but if you are here to visit you can get down.” Unbelievable! My son Quin, also, wanted to share an incredible story involving Pam and his 3 wheeler. When I was 14 I had a three wheeler 200S . Me and my best friend Doogie had been riding it and was in the front yard when Pam came over.. She said she wanted to ride it but couldn’t shift the gears. So me and Doogie put it in 4th gear and she got on.. She gassed it and started picking up speed when her foot slipped off the peg and got wedged between the the road and the rear tire. The back of the three wheeler then proceeded to flip (rear end over front end) . The scene was quite traumatic and we rushed the help Pam because we thought she was either severely injured or dead.. We were shocked when she sat up and ordered us to hand her “her sticks”. We handed them to her and she popped up.. After a minute of self-assessment she smiled and said “ Y’all better not tell Ben” We never Did.. One of the toughest things I’ve ever seen. Pam was so loved, and she will be remembered and not forgotten by those who knew and loved her. I am confident that my sons will be telling her stories for many years to come.

    Kris Parker says:

    Aunt Pam was one of my most favorite people on the planet. Always there for the best advice or to just listen. She has been THE FORCE to be reckoned with in our fantasy football and baseball leagues for over a decade. Super Bowl Sunday will never be the same, like clockwork, you could find us in her living room with a tray full of mud bugs on that Sunday. It was an honor and privilege to be able to spend your last day watching big leagues and little leagues together. Scratch those ears on Sam, Luke, Dutch and Casey for me and tell Uncle Ben to take it easy on those homeplate umps up there….. love yall always Aunt Pammy and Uncle Ben, back together again GO YANKS!

    Sandra McKenzie Hardy says:

    The entire family lives life to the fullest extent -and are some of my favorite folks on this earth! Please know that we send our love to you.

    Jim Wright says:

    What a great tribute to Pam. I met her and Ben 30+ years ago at Lamar baseball games We had many baseball conversations about baseball. We both had an affinity for score keeping and frequently compared books. She was a great lady and will be greatly missed in the stands at Vincent-Beck.

    Ted Methvin says:

    I met Pam after I had moved to the Forest Park high school area being a little rebellious teenager we cross paths through Bubba Tarrer,we did all the typical things teenagers do, go to the beach ,party till late hours mischief things like well I’d better not indulge never once did she ask for a special treatment she was part of the gang and always will be though I haven’t been around her much since I moved from Beaumont she was the one person I’d make an effort to go see when I was a visiting friends in Beaumont she will be missed but not forgotten

    Linda Hester says:

    She loved you. We talked about you and Bubba a lot in her last 3 weeks. She was my oldest and closest friend for 63 years.

    Frances Orbeck says:

    Pam showed all of us how to live this life out loud
    and full of joy. She was one of a kind in the most
    wonderful ways. My sympathies to her dear family.

    William Peavey says:

    There will be a definite void in this world with the loss of Pam… she was a light unto herself and others… I feel fortunate to have spent a lot of quality time with Pam back in the old high school and beach days, and the days spent in Austin when it was “magic” and unspoiled… GOD BLESS and keep you Pam… we will carry you in our hearts, always…
    the Yankees should be notified

    Catherine Grissom Goodman Tyler says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a sibling is very hard.

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Mona Ristovv Reed

Pam Lewis
There’s a star running loose
Above the stratosphere
With “I’ll do it myself” attitude
That helps her persevere.

She’s roaring over planets
In a ’64 Fairlane
Equipped with wings.
Touching Celestial terrain.

Her quippy dry, humor
Makes God smile.
From rolling through heaven
In self-expressive style
To her Heavenly home
Filled with songs of the Stones
Baseball caps hanging
On elevated thrones.

Her T-shirts arranged
According to thought,
From gently amusing
To that which is naught.

She asks no one to guide her,
Or show her the way
It’s just God and her Ben.
That she shares today.

Flying free above pain’
Her strong hands open wide
Unhindered by chains
That no longer bind.

Our tears are not hers,
Our sorrow’s, our own
But our lives have a void
For Pam has gone home.

Mona Ristovv Reed

Bobby Kraemer

Rest In Peace Pam. Always the feisty one and quick witted.

Susie and Wayne McDermand

The Plaisance & McDermand family embraces your sorrow, prayers and love.
Stepping onto a shore and finding it heaven
taking hold of a hand and finding it God’s hand
breathing new air and finding it celestial air
feeling invigorated and finding it immortality
passing from storm & tempest to an unknown calm
walking and finding it home
(author unknown)

Dru Standley Rich

Went to Junior high, high school with Pam! What a wonderful tribute to her amazing life! So inspiring!!

Susan Knabeschuh

My condolences to Pam's family and good friends. Remember her from high school many years ago.

Laurin Morgan

Becky, I am keeping you in my prayers. I pray for peace and comfort for all of your family during this time. . I am so very sorry for your loss . Laurin Williams Morgan

Candy Nortman

Remembering Pam as a kind Friend She will be missed and loved always ❤️

Janis Studdard DeSouchet

I am so sorry for your loss.. I was a year behind at Forest Park but knew her and admired her spirit immensely! Thinking of you , Becky and all of you. God bless

Susan Lewis Binks

Pam was a remarkable person in so many ways! My memory of her is playing kickball during our days at Sallie Curtis. My sympathies to her family.

Christopher Gongolas

I DID NOT DIE Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning’s hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die. - by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Willa White Hunter

I am so very sorry for your loss. I went to Junior high and high school with Pam. She was so inspiring. I remember her quick wit and indefatigable spirit.