Priscilla Martina Vazquez

September 6, 1972 - August 21, 2021

Surrounded by her family, Priscilla Martina Vazquez passed and is now peacefully resting on August 21, 2021. Priscilla was born on September 6, 1972, in Texas City, Texas. She was a longtime resident of Port Arthur, Texas. Daughter of Elias Vasquez and Guadalupe Farias. Daughter-in-law of Juan y Audelia Vazquez.

Priscilla is survived by her husband, Cesar Castillo Vazquez; daughters, Abigail Vazquez, Adilene Vazquez, and Saraí P. Vazquez; son, Cesar Jr. Vazquez; sons-in-law, Luis Alvarado y Hector Alvarez; grandchildren, Aubrey, Aria, Avalyn, Alvarado, Aileen, and Hector Alvarez; and siblings Manuel E. Vasquez and Esther Krystal Vasquez.

Priscilla Vazquez was not afraid to be herself. She didn’t feel the need to impress anyone but Jehovah. She enjoyed dancing and look up scriptures! She loved spending time with her family and friends!

Priscilla Vazquez came from a broken household but didn’t let the issues of her parents identify her. She learned from her parents’ mistake. She admired and learned a lot from her father. She had a great relationship with him! She loved her father very much! He taught her it was important to have a relationship with God.

At a young age, Cesar caught Priscilla’s attention at a park near Procter Street here in Port Arthur. Priscilla fell deeply in love with Cesar Vazquez. She loved him so passionately. Priscilla married Cesar on March 4, 1989

Priscilla was a young mother at the age of 17. She was an amazing mother and would do anything for her children. Her relationship with her children was really important to her. Her way of discipline was talking to them. She had amazing long conversations with them. Priscilla wasn’t a stern mother who would right off the bat, tell you she was right. She would hear her children out and give a chance for them to speak their side of any situation. Letting them understand right from wrong. She taught them to also see the best in people and to never make people feel less and to always be kind. But most importantly, to also have a relationship with Jehovah themselves and to always pray to him in any situation they would find themselves in.

Priscilla was like a mother, teacher, and mentor to many. Priscilla was a kindhearted person and always, without of doubt, saw the best in people. She would help anyone in need who came to her. She’d put everyone’s needs before her own. If you needed her, she was there before you’d even know it. She was great at giving advice. She was what others say a therapist. Someone who would hear you out and help you find a solution. She would tell you right from wrong. She was a true genuine friend who wasn’t afraid to be honest and tell you your truths. She wasn’t afraid to tell you if you we were in the wrong and make you think twice! She would bring out her bible and not just tell you but show you with scriptures!

Priscilla at a young age, had a yearn to learn about God. She went from different church organizations or religions as a child. Her oldest daughter, Abigail, would go to the Kingdom Hall with her grandmother Nena and while at church her uncle Martin would always ask for her dad and mom to come stop by the Kingdom Hall. Abigail would consistently ask her mom and dad to come to church until they finally went and accompanied Abigail to the Kingdom Hall introducing Jehovah’s word to Priscilla. Meanwhile, at the same time, she had also received a knock at her door, and it was Ms. Joyce who also introduced her to Jehovah and began giving her a Bible study. She had a deep affection with learning God’s word. In some way, Priscilla saw it as a sign from Jehovah because he was coming to her not only from her daughter, but also straight to her doorstep.

She loved listening to anything that had to do with our Heavenly Father, and it didn’t matter who preached it as long as she was gaining her knowledge. She always thought Jehovah communicated with us in mysterious ways. You would just have to open your eyes and listen. She preached his word everyday with family and friends and any person she would encounter. She had a relationship with Jehovah and that is something no one was able to take away from her. She was, what you would call, an angel sent from God. When you think of Priscilla, think about a mother that was not perfect, but was perfect for us. She would say to us, if she was here with us today, “It’s okay, don’t be sad. I’m okay and I’m happy. I want you to be happy to. Always pray to Jehovah and never lose your faith in him, because your relationship with Jehovah is important!”

She overcame a number of obstacles, yet she still maintained to have a great deal of faith and love for Jehovah!

Surely goodness and loyal love will pursue me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the house of Jehovah for all my days.
-Psalm 23:6

Cremation arrangements for Mrs. Vazquez were handled through Broussard’s Crematorium, Beaumont, under the direction of Broussard’s, 505 North 12th Street, Nederland.


Broussard’s Crematorium
  • 5150, Stivers Dr, Beaumont, TX, 77705,

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